The price of our solution

And the price of our solution? Simple. A monthly fee is charged based on the volume of documents managed, while the first month you use our service free of charge. Companies that have a monthly processing of 49 documents have the use of our system for free If you are interested in ACADSYS, Just register ...


Price list of monthly fees. valid from 1.6 2018

Number of documents per month
Price per document
repository * Extra storage **
1-49 documents 0 EUR 20 gigabytes 1GB-0,20 EUR
50-299 documents 0,2 EUR 20 gigabytes 1GB-0,20 EUR
300-999   documents EUR 0.18 20 gigabytes 1GB-0,20 EUR
1000-2999   documents EUR 0,15 20 gigabytes 1GB-0,20 EUR
3000 or more documents 0,1 EUR 20 gigabytes 1GB-0,20 EUR

  • The price depends on the number of documents
  • No implementation fees
  • Payment once a month
  • Cloud-based
  • Daily backup
  • * 20GB corresponds to approximately 40,000 invoices or documents
  • ** 1GB corresponds to approximately 2000 invoices or documents


Frequently asked questions
Q:How will I know how much and when will I pay?

A:You only pay for processed documents. The number of uploaded documents per month is always calculated. The price list on these pages will help you. It is paid at the end of the month according to the data of the previous month

Q:How do I pay?

A:You have several ways. However, we are preparing for you an automated payment gateway for the simplest method of payment - Online. In the meantime, you can also use a direct transfer to your account by following the instructions on the delivered invoice at the end of the month.

How to get ACADSYS?

Simple. Just register and we will send you access passwords for logging into the system.

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