How does it work ?

Solution and technology

ACADSYS is an online application, so there is no need for you to run a complex server implementation and client station installs. ACADSYS is always updated and all new features are distributed immediately and to all its users.

It runs on modern cloud technologies with a high degree of security and your data is encrypted in databases and storage.

ACADSYS is a fully responsive and tested across a wide range of mobile devices and compatible with all modern web browsers.

Upload and scan documents

How do documents get to ACADSYS?

  • There are several ways to upload your documents to the system.
  • Upload electronic version of document
  • Bulk upload documents
  • Scan using PC scanner
  • Photo via mobile phone
  • By email (coming soon)

Upload electronic version of document

ACADSYS has the highest success rate of recognizing your data if you upload an electronic version of the invoice you have received from the vendor.

Bulk upload documents

An effective way to add documents can also be bulk upload. All you have to do is select multiple files instead of one file to upload to ACADSYS and wait for you to upload in the documents section for upload. It is not necessary for the person who scans the document at the same time to process and mark the documents. Scan using PC scanner.

Documents that come to your company on paper are not an obstacle to successful processing. You just need to scan such documents, ideally with the help of an automatic document feeder for easier work, and then create document scans into the system, either one by one or through mass upload.

For demanding, we are preparing to connect the scanner via LAN to our service.

Photo via mobile phone

If you are using ACADSYS on your mobile phone, you have the option to select an application or camera directly when recording a document. ACADSYS handles this scanned document with the same ease and efficiency. There are also applications that simplify photo shooting and crop and shoot your document. You can find such applications on the application store of your platform and they will then be available in the document upload menu.

By email (coming soon)

We are preparing for you the option to connect to an e-mail box to which ACADSYS will have access and attach attached documents from the attachments to the processing queue.

Recognizing text and data on documents

We are constantly expanding the ability to recognize text and data on documents to cover as many accounting and billing systems as possible and to minimize the amount of manual rewriting.

We use our own technology to extract data from documents, as well as various text recognition technologies that we buy and test in our local environment and to our clients' requirements.

Thanks to the resulting mixes of technologies and procedures, we reduce the need to describe data by up to 80%, and this data is only added once, making the process even more efficient.

What is the process of approving documents in ACADSYS?

After implementing the workflow system, you can fully manage the document approval process and define responsible colleagues for each approval phase.

The basic stages of approval are: upload, scan, verify, approve, check, release payments and post. You can further divide the approval itself into branches. Often this is used to divide by department in the company. We can then determine in which departments what amounts are required for approval and which colleagues. You can require multiple people approval at once or in a row.

If you are problematic in approving documents in your company, please contact our staff. You will learn what positive changes our solutions and how to use them with you can bring into your company life.

Statistics and History

ACADSYS offers clear and simple statistics. These are generated according to your settings in the approval lines and you can see clearly in which approval lines the documents are most often waiting and how many are currently being processed.

Simple statistics are also available for individual colleagues, such as the number of approved documents for this month and the average approval time in days.

Every colleague and document in the system has its own detailed history, so we can always track and document documents in a responsible and transparent way.

Upcoming in 2019

All updates in the system are free for our users, for indefinite time.
OCR templates

OCR templates

We are editing OCR templates, so that they are for the supplier (multiocr reader MOCR)
Automated approval

Automated approval

We are adding a functionality order, which goes through approval and subsequently pairing of an invoice if it is within a certain sum, orders do not have to go through approval.
Orders from ERP

Orders from ERP

We are adding the import function of approved orders/expenditures, which are not going through approval anymore and the paired invoice is directly approved (import goods orders from ERP system with IOA approval)

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