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We created ACADSYS!

Online solution approval workflow and document digitization. Easy-to-use, fully customized system. Modern technology, artificial intelligence and text recognition will make your everyday business easier when you need it. Today and every day.

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    „Finally I have both, control and personal life.“

Your documents in cloud ...

Simply approved!

Time and cost savings

Get control of the documents that the company will go in and get the time you spend on them. Your invoices will be paid on time and without interest on late payment.

Workflow digitization

Without unnecessary paperwork

Without manually rewriting data to your computer and entering payment orders.
Thanks to the digitization of documents immediately after recording you will not need to monitor the maturity of invoices, collect and search original documents. With ACADSYS, you can electronize the entire process that goes through the supplier invoices in your business.


From upload to posting

Even if you do not have the documents in electronic form, just take a picture or scan them and ACADSYS will automatically detect them, search for the necessary data and upload them to your accounts and prepare payment orders for your bank.


Digitizing documents

End of manual overwriting. You only work with an electronic version of documents.

Approval of documents

Safer and faster processes that help you process your invoices much faster than before.

No unauthorized payments

An effective review and approval process will help you eliminate unauthorized payments. You will not reimburse one invoice twice!

Access anywhere

A 100% web application allows you to work anywhere you are online. With full mobile display!

Electronic workflow

The whole approval process is fully transparent and traceable. The system automatically archives the data collected

Divide and rule!

ACADSYS allows you to branch out the approval process according to suppliers and the amount of payments and divide them into responsible departments.

Supplier gate

Create vendor access to your ACADSYS and your invoices will be sent electronically, ready for approval.

Linked accounting systems

ACADSYS controls data export for a wide range of supported accounting software.

Export payment orders

ACADSYS creates a payment order in a format supported by your bank.

For small and large

With its flexibility and ease of use, ACADSYS is the right solution for both small businesses and large corporations. For smaller companies up to 49 documents per month is free!

The price of our solution

And the price of our solution? Simple. A monthly fee is charged based on the volume of documents managed, while the first month you use our service free of charge. Companies that have a monthly processing of 49 documents have the use of our system for free If you are interested in ACADSYS, Just register ...

for 30 days for free.

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